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Year-End Business Requirements



With the fourth quarter practically here, we figure it is time to start preparing for all of the year-end business requirements. Getting these tasks out of the way early can help you make a smooth transition into 2018. So, the sooner you prepare, the better your head start will be towards achieving your 2018 goals.

Here is a list of year-end business requirements for you to focus on in the fourth quarter this year:

  1. First, perform a complete audit of your personnel files and records. Start by making sure that each employee file is complete and up-to-date. Doing so is sure to save you a lot of headaches and stress during tax season.
  2. Second, review every employee’s time-off information and accruals. Check for errors. Ensure that balances are accurately reflected in your records. You can also send your employees a notice reminding them of your time-off policy. Make them aware of any year-end roll over options that may apply, as well as other related policies.
  3. Next, review your safety and training policies and procedures. Ensure that all required training has been met by every employee and that documentation proving their participation is filed appropriately, and begin developing your training schedule for the next year.
  4. Then, order all of your workplace posters for 2018. offers a variety of posters for purchase, including materials from the Department of Labor, Equal Opportunity Employer, Fair Labor Standards ACT, OSHA and more. Click here to view the complete list.
  5. Finally, work on your 2018 HR calendar. Include quarterly tax reporting deadlines, annual compliance dates, training schedules, company paid holidays, among important details. Keeping full and detailed calendar encourages progress and structure in a busy work life.

Lightsource HR can help you with your year-end business requirements

Implementing these five tips can help you get through the end of the year and into the next quickly and smoothly. For optimal HR and back office management consider outsourcing these responsibilities to expert professionals who can accurately management them on your behalf. Lightsource HR specializes in comprehensive back office solutions that include HR, tax compliance, risk management, benefits, payroll, worker’s compensation and more.

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