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HR Management Software (HRMS)

Whether it’s a salary hike, a new last name, or a title change, you need the Lightsource HRMS (HR management software) that makes it easy to update employee files. Too many companies find themselves without the capabilities to do anything outside the normal day-to-day functionality of the system. These outdated programs can lead to confusion or hours worth of work when attempting to untangle mistakes.

Lightsource Global knows how important it is to keep track of everything. This is why we worked hard to find the right solution for your company. The self-service HRMS we offer can save you the effort of having to create workaround solutions and buy you more time to focus on more important matters. Find out more about how our software makes everything easier to manager, from payroll processing to time-off requests.

Instant Information

If you’re an HR manager, you can use the self-service tools to look up anything you need, such as benefits or salary data. If your office manager has a new daughter, simply access her personnel file to make the update. But our software isn’t just for employers and HR professionals. The employee self-service portal allows the staff the means to see a record of their pay stubs, request time off, or make changes to tax forms or direct deposit information.

Electronic onboarding or terminating employees is completely intuitive, and makes it simple to set everyone up with the right parameters according to their job title. Our software also uses a unique data bridge which ensures you receive enrollment files easily and without delay. If you’re a staffing agency, we have a separate component to the software that allows you to manage both the front- and back-office functions.

The Lightsource HRMS Lightens Your Load

Our HRMS is built to maximize your profits while reducing any risks you take. The information that you work with is integrated in such a way that you won’t have to continue answering the same questions over and over. This means you’re less likely to make a mistake, while still completing all of the steps you need to take. Plus, our HRMS is entirely scalable, making it easier to customize for your company.

Build your dashboard the way you want it to look, setting your own priorities based on workflow. For example, if you work with a lot of seasonal or contract workers that impact your time and labor data, then our system is designed to keep up with additional employees. Whether that growth lasts for years or just a few months, the software is flexible enough to mold to your requirements.

Better Trend-Spotting

Using our software to organize your data can immediately make your reporting better. Ultimately, it’s up to your team to find the exact trends of your company, but better software can give you a clearer picture of what’s really happening. You may notice that you’re seeing a few issues with time and attendance across a certain department. With these key insights, you can now address the problem with solid proof in your hand. Performance management will also be more concrete, so that managers can provide advice to employees at either the group or the individual level. Sort and export data based on key parameters, or choose from a variety of reporting tools that were all made to accommodate even the busiest HR manager.

Manipulating the Manager Dashboard

Managers won’t use the software as well as an expert, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t use it well. We make it easy for upper management to get what they need at a glance. This way they won’t have to spend time parsing through each and every feature. A manager can quickly see pertinent information, such as who’s taking time off next week or what they need to know about updates to payment processing. Our paperless applications keep everything in one place while automating as many tasks as possible. Advanced scheduling has never been easier to coordinate, so there’s no gap in employee labor. By cutting down on busy work and giving everyone a central hub, we help your everyday activities easier to juggle.

Hiring, Payroll, and Benefits

Simultaneously handling these elements can prove tricky for even the most experienced of HR professionals. Benefits administration, salary adjustments, and screening candidates gets messy quickly, making it almost a certainty that something will slip through the cracks. But the right web-based solution can straighten out the details. With right tools at your disposal, it’s easier to handle probationary periods, contracts, posting jobs, and tracking candidates. From enrolling in benefits to improving your PTO accrual management, Lightsource Global has you covered.

Elevated Staffing Software

When you need better functionality from your staffing software, Lightsource Global has the right solution for you. Our software will be easily migrated into your current computer system. You and your staff will only see the benefits without noticing the effort behind them. With Lightsource Global, you’ll get a HRMS that can handle any request, while keeping your employee information confidential and secure.

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