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A-Rated Workers’ Compensation

When a worker is injured on a job, it can be difficult to sort out the details afterward. It’s just one of many reasons workers’ compensation is so important to a company’s financial stability. It’s a special form of insurance that provides more than just medical coverage for the injured employee.

Workers’ compensation can partially replace income during the time spent away from the job. It provides benefits to the spouse and children in the case of accidental death. It also allows workers who are disabled to learn another trade or skill if they’re disabled after the accident. Learn more about how it works, and why finding the right support can make all the difference.

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The time to find the right policy for your company is not when a work-related accident occurs. Now is the time to ask questions, so you’re as prepared as possible. The first steps to preventing accidental injury will always be proper screening and hiring practices as well. Beyond these measures, Lightsource Global understands the world of workers’ compensation. We make it easier for you to see the big picture when it comes to safety.

There are very few states and businesses that don’t require some type of workers’ compensation. Even if it’s not required, it’s still highly recommended. Just one claim can take down an entire company, or sully the reputation of a business. Take the steps now to safeguard your company from potential disaster.

A-Rated Workers’ Compensation

How much you pay for your insurance will depend upon the size of your organization. No matter how small your company is, there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to insurance. Lightsource Global has A-rated workers’ compensation offerings, and are skilled at finding the right plans for our clients. We look for every avenue possible to save you money while still providing superior care and coverage.

Lightsource Global can help you find the best way to pay. We ensure you get the most accurate quote, based on the size of your company and the nature of your work. The reason why earned our rating is because we leave no stone unturned. When it comes to offering efficient solutions, we turn your needs into a reality.

Preventative Risk Management Programs

Lightsource Global doesn’t just hope you’ll never have to use your workers’ compensation insurance. We go the extra mile to reduce your chances of a workplace accident. A risk management program is more than just a basic overview of safety practices. It’s tailored information that can help you spot hazards before they turn into danger zones. No company will ever eliminate their element of risk entirely, but the more you learn, the less likely it is you’ll witness a workplace injury on your watch.

Scheduled Onsite Visits

Companies who don’t have the right type of workers’ compensation (or any at all) may be penalized. We take the time to tour your operation. We can give real advice about what you can do to promote safety and what type of workers’ compensation is right for you. Let our experience guide your way, so you can spot negligence or shortcuts now. We don’t only look for how an employee might sustain a catastrophic injury (e.g., a broken leg). We also the chances of an employee developing an occupational disease (e.g., chronic back pain.)

Claim Management

Comp claims are not necessarily straight-forward. There may be disputes about who is owed what, and how exactly funds should be distributed. It should be noted that even if an employee has clearly been negligent when it comes to safety, it’s still typically the employer who needs to cover a work-related injury. Lightsource Global handles compensation claims as efficiently as possible, saving you valuable time and energy that you can devote to other aspects of the business.

When it comes to claims management, we examine every statement and detail before we take the next step. Fraud unfortunately does happen both on the employer side and within the medical community. When it comes to fraud prevention, Lightsource Global benefits from the extensive experience in these matters. Our claims administration streamlines the process from beginning to end as much as possible. We’re constantly looking for red flags.

Ongoing Customer Support

Our company offers lightning-fast portals for both our customers and employees that makes it easy to get the information you need, when you need it. We’re here to answer your questions, and more importantly, to be proactive when it comes to alerting you of any changes to workers’ compensation policy. As you might imagine, the exact nature of the laws are continuously under review, and the outcomes depend on the state you live in and the politics at play.

It’s our privilege to be an advocate for safety in the workplace today, and we invite you to learn more about our team. If you have a need for blue or gray collar workers’ compensation, we have the resources to handle it all. From picking the right policy to filing the last paperwork of a claim, choose Lightsource HR to be your partner for better workers’ compensation coverage.

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