Client Stories

Domestic Businesses Expanding Into Other States

A Hawaii-based company with 120 employees needed solutions for adding three workers in the continental U.S. and required help securing robust benefits equal to those offered in the Aloha state.

Global Business Onboards U.S. Employees Quickly

The leaders of a global technology company headquartered in Europe received over 10 million dollars in funding and — as part of their rapid growth — found themselves needing to hire skilled U.S.-based workers fast. They identified great candidates they didn’t want to lose but couldn’t move forward because they did not have an employer identification number (EIN) to meet U.S. requirements.

Risky Business: A Unique EOR Approach

A U.S.-based catalog company planning to close its doors wanted to go out of business the “right” way. After years of loyal service, they wanted to take care of their 324 employees. Several challenges were in play, including a short, two-month time frame and the risk factor of the financial fiduciary not wanting –but needing – to manage the employees.

How to Attract U.S. Employees as a Global Company

Expanding business into the U.S. market is exciting but going it alone can be overwhelming. Global employers oftentimes struggle with establishing a physical location, opening bank accounts, and filing for an employer identification number (EIN) to employ talent. The ability to offer attractive benefits to entice workers to join a company is also a big challenge. To avoid the expense, hassle, and time needed to accomplish all that, international employers can reduce the complexity of expanding by turning to Lightsource Global as their U.S. business partner.

“The staff at Lightsource HR is very professional and courteous. We value partnership greatly, and they have truly become a valued partner.”

- Nic

Area Director, Pennsylvania Staffing Firm

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